pigload.club | Partnership with LAW enforcement

Law Enforcement

PigLoad.Club will fully cooperate with Law Enforcement in its pursuit of prosecution for all illegal acts.

Requirements for Obtaining Available Information

PigLoad.Club will process requests following applicable US law, including requests from Canada and the United Kingdom/Europe. The requests must:

1. be on official letterhead,

2. provide information sufficient to identify and contact the person requesting the information,

3. include the URL of the Content so we can identify the account holder,

4. state which information is requested,

5. be signed by the identifiable US or Foreign government representative,


PigLoad.Club responds to all requests utilizing a valid legal process in compliance with U.S. law. 

We will respond to requests for account holder information from Canada and the United Kingdom/EU, and from other foreign law enforcement agencies on a case-by-case basis.

Submit notifications and requests to support@PigLoad.Club. 

Submit Summons and Subpoenas to PigLoad.Club via fax at (415) 258-4544 (use country code if necessary),

or by mail to:

Schweinkram Inc. 

Department of Law Corporation

3076 E Burnside St

Portland, OR 97214, USA