pigload.club | Abuse, Complains & Appeals


In this section, you will find information about our abuse policies, how we enforce them, and how you may report problems or violations of our policies. Interaction with those who use this website or services and become aware of any violation is encouraged to contact us. 

We take violations and fighting abuse seriously.

PigLoad.Club's Terms of Service prohibit the distribution of Content that defames, is illegal, or that infringes any copyright, trademark, or patent, without the necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions to distribute the Content. Additionally, distributing any Content that violates the rights of others is an additional example of Terms of Service violations. Refer to our Terms of Service for more information about violations. 

Government Law Enforcement Agencies only, please click here. 


How to report:

To report Child Exploitation, please see this page.

Click on the blue highlighted links for

•- Non-consensual Content (you find yourself in a picture or video and did not give your permission)

•- Copyright (DCMA), 

•- Trademark claims, see the specific sections for further information on reporting a claim.

Terms of Service violations are processed by our Customer Support team. 

If you are reporting a potential violation, send a support ticket and include a direct link to the Content.

For the account holder, a confirmed report of a violation can result in action up to and including immediate account termination.

If you feel your account was suspended in error, contact our support department with detailed information for further evaluation. You can simply answer the notification eMail or open a support ticket.  



PigLoad.Club employs a variety of processes and automatic mechanisms to avert violations of our Terms of Services, which include:

  • File suspension
  • Account suspension
  • Account termination
  • Alerting users of files claimed under the DMCA
  • Blocking files previously claimed under the DMCA
  • Media Fingerprinting
  • Archive Scanning
  • Monitoring websites
  • Realtime Filters
  • Blocking websites
  • Prevent Search Engine Indexing
  • Report of activities to proper authorities

PigLoad.Club might be using tools to electronically search the DNA of files/videos and pictures for Terms of Service violations through third parties. 


Repeat Violations

When PigLoad.Club suspends access to Content for policy violations, and the account holder of the Content will receive a strike. The account holder is notified of each violation via email. Reposting suspended Content of the same or a different file may result in another strike. Repeated policy violations will result in account suspension. 

Note that many violations resulting in a strike can be criminal. Additionally, rightful owners can take civil action against you and possibly be awarded monetary damages.

Account-holders are allowed to file a counterclaim for copyright infringement. If it is successful, the strike is removed and the files restored. See Counterclaim. For other Terms of Service violations, contact our support department detailing information of why you feel the violation was invalid.


Below is a partial list of Terms of Service violations. For a complete list, please refer to our Terms of Service and the Prohibited Content Policy. 

  • Use the Services for any illegal purpose;
  • Distribute any Content that falsely implies sponsorship of the Content by our website, falsify or delete any author attribution in any Content, or promote any information that you know is false or misleading
  • Distribute an illegal or unauthorized copy of another person's trademarked or copyrighted work;
  • Distribute Content that is libelous, defamatory, abusive, harassing, threatening, unlawful, or promotes or encourages illegal activity;
  • Distribute Content that violates the rights of others, such as distributing Content that infringes any copyright, violates any right of privacy or publicity, that is defamatory, or that directs any user to the content of a third party without the consent of the third party;
  • Export or re-export Content in violation of the export or import laws of the United States or without all required approvals, licenses, and exemptions;
  • Distribute any links to any external Internet sites